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Do your parents or loved ones not allow you to drink energy drinks? Well here’s a solution, especially if you do not have much time and you’re craving a Monster. Purchase any drink you like. Costs will not differ much from original costs. We do not guarantee a specific temperature though an extreme temperature may qualify for a refund. Absolutely no guarantee that your wanted item is in stock.

You must let let the company know one day in advance before expecting a drink to arrive.

This option is mostly for local school use but if you’re an online or non-local buyer, just send a screenshot or information on what you’d like to our email and it will come to your door! (+shipping costs)


Next-Day Shipping Applies to orders on any week day! Not always available due to traffic or schedule disruptions.

Most Normal deliveries will ship on Wednesdays when ordered on a Monday, and will ship on Monday if ordered during the weekend, or Tuesday to Friday, with some deliveries having a possible Wednesday shipment when ordered on a Tuesday.
Drink wisely!
MONSTER: $2.60 | $3.25 Next-Day Shipping

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KICKSTART: $2.60 | No Next-Day Shipping
REDBULL 16oz$4.10
REDBULL 12oz: $3.30 | $3.50 Next-Day Shipping
REDBULL 8.4oz: $2.75
GRIDLOCK: $1.60 | No Next-Day Shipping